Alyssa Andrews

Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School, 2013
Colby College, 2017
Current town: Rangeley

“Make yourself try new things—even if you don’t want to.”

For Alyssa, that meant using college as an opportunity to forge new connections and relationships. She pushed herself to meet people by joining a club sport—the Woodsman Team, where she also learned how to use a chainsaw, something she says helped her land her current job as Natural Resource Steward at Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust. The Scholarship enabled her to graduate from Colby debt-free and subsequently reinvigorated her love of Maine and desire to make a home, and a living, in the state.

Why do you live in Maine and what do you like about living here?
I knew I wanted to stay in Maine: Colby opened my eyes to what was out there. I initially took the position in Rangeley because it’s such a beautiful part of the state. There is a wonderful mix of people who pass through town, both locals and people visiting from outside—and there’s a huge a variety of life experiences. I appreciate being able to live locally, but with that connection to the wider world.

What would you say is your favorite activity?
I have really enjoyed being a cross-country ski coach! I coached the Waterville High School ski team when I was at Colby, and now I coach at the Rangeley Lakes Trail Center. I absolutely love teaching both kids and adults a new sport.