Brandon Berce

Wisdom High School, 2002
University of Maine, 2006
Current town: St. Agatha

“College is more than the education; it’s the experience and the people. Get out there and take opportunities to try new things, to meet new people. Whatever happens, you’ll always learn something.”

From a degree at the University of Maine, internships in finance and sales (including one in Alaska!), and back to Aroostook County, Brandon has taken every possible opportunity to learn. Now a co-owner of Berce Potato Company, Brandon is part of the fourth generation to run the family business. Though the pandemic has been tough on farmers, Brandon is proud to run a successful small business in Maine, where he says the farming community is good people, and a handshake deal still means something.

How has receiving the Mitchell Scholarship influenced your post-grad years?
The Mitchell Scholarship programming taught me how to network. You never know when connections might lead to further opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise. The staff helped me make so many connections and I’m thankful for all the opportunities it provided. On a trip to Fenway Park, I met Katie Couric at a luncheon before the game. At the Fall Gala, I was invited to pick up guest speaker Bob Dole from the airport and he said, “You tell your dad I love potato farmers.” It’s nice to think about where the product of the farm goes… ending up with people like Bob Dole!

What’s your favorite spot in Maine?
Canoeing and camping on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. My dad used to take us as kids, and now I try to take a trip there at least once a summer.