Cody Cullen

Gray-New Gloucester High School, 2015
University of Maine, 2019
Current town: Biddeford

Photo Credit: Aimee Grindon

“My goals in college were to build a network for myself, improve professional skills, and develop meaningful relationships.”

Cody achieved those goals and more by taking advantage of many opportunities available through both the Mitchell Institute and the University of Maine. For example, he leveraged the “no-agenda” coffees offered by the Mitchell Institute to perfect his resume and polish his LinkedIn presence. He was also a member of the Senior Skulls, a college honor society that recognizes leaders in the senior class. A first-generation college student, he graduated with a B.A. in Economics and is now a Manager at Dead River Company, a job he found through the Mitchell Institute.

What moment stands out to you as the time you really understood what the Mitchell Institute could do for you?
I think my first MILE II event stands out to me as the moment I realized the scope of what the Mitchell Institute could do for me. Not only was this the time I landed an internship which led to my current job, but it also made me realize how close everyone in the organization is. I believe going to Mitchell Institute events is when you can truly see the passion that the Institute staff have for everyone involved in the organization.

How do you like working for a company based in Maine?
I am very glad to work for a company that allows me to remain in the state that I grew up in. Dead River Company has a very great presence in all communities it is a part of. Working as a Service Manager for the company, I enjoy that it allows me to interact with many people in Maine communities.