Hannah DeAngelis

Maranacook Community High School, 2008
Colby College, 2012
Current town: Portland

“You will give the most back to the world with the gifts that are unique to you.”

The unique gift that Hannah brings to the world is a dedication to providing community-based services in the state she loves as the Director of Refugee and Immigration Services at Catholic Charities in Portland. In that role, she is responsible for helping all refugees who come to Maine to resettle here. She has made a long-term commitment to her community, and feels lucky to work where she can learn from people from all over the world, as she has colleagues from 10 different countries who speak 17 different languages.

How has receiving the Mitchell Scholarship influenced your post-grad years?
I’ve always turned to the Mitchell Institute at professional junctures in my life, especially when moving back to Maine after a stint in Boston. At moments of decision, conversations with Mitchell Institute staff have been grounding. The Mitchell Institute was a huge part of building my network in Portland, through setting me up with informational interviews and other connections. I have also done informational interviews for other Mitchell Scholars, and we hosted one Scholar as an intern last summer. Finally, as it happens, I met my best friend through the Mitchell Institute as well!

What advice do you have for current college students?
Finding mentors and people to learn from is important. I encourage you to find a mentor who models the way you want to be in the world. Someone who treats people around them well, and gives back to the world in the way you want to. The people you work with can be more important than the mission of the organization, and it is important to find a place where you can learn from someone that you really admire, and who demonstrates their values through the work they do.