Henry Beck

Waterville High School, 2005
Colby College, 2009
University of Maine Law School, 2014
Current town: Biddeford

“Make a general plan about life after college, but do not panic if everything does not go perfectly according to plan.”

Henry’s commitment to public service began early and runs deep. Elected to represent his neighborhood on the Waterville City Council in 2005, he won a seat in the Maine House of Representatives in 2008 during his senior year at Colby. Elected State Treasurer in 2018, he leads the staff that oversee management of Maine's cash funds, trust funds, and unclaimed property administration. More than these core functions though, Henry takes a broad view to protect the State's finances.

What is your proudest accomplishment?
When I was in private practice, I missed politics, but I also was able to help so many people with very serious legal problems in central Maine. In politics, accomplishments are often broad or sometimes societal, whereas as a lawyer I was able to help individual people with specific problems and produce a concrete outcome.

How do you give back to the community?
I try to recreate what the Mitchell Institute did for me. As a rule, I am always on the lookout to help others in their careers or lives. If someone wants my time or insight, I deliver. If someone wants me to act as a reference, I rarely refuse. I take time to meet with people I may not even know to discuss working in politics or law. To me, once someone is a friend, I work hard to be their friend forever and support people as they forge their own path.