Scott Boomer

Woodland High School, 2009
Southern Maine Community College, 2011
Saint Joseph's College of Maine, 2020
Current town: Baileyville

“Do it, do it now, don’t wait. Life gets busy and it gets challenging to finish. Live life, help the little guy, and always do good.”

Scott still remembers the day he received the Mitchell Scholarship, when the award was announced in front of the whole school at his graduation. Since then, he has felt fortunate to have the opportunity to access higher education and to have found work in Maine, where he and his wife are now raising their two-year-old daughter. In Maine, Scott looks forward to her growing up around family roots, the great outdoors, and being more than just one of many.

What is your proudest accomplishment?
Getting my bachelor’s degree. I never thought I would do it. After joining the mill and starting to make good money, it was challenging to go back, and the last year was really hard, but it was worthwhile.

Tell us about your current role: how long have you been there, what parts of it do you like most, and why do you do what you do?
I’ve been a Spoutman with Woodland Pulp, LLC since 2012, and am now certified as a 2nd Class Stationary Steam Engineer through the State of Maine. The best part is learning every day; there are always new systems, new things to learn. Short of a specific degree, getting a stationary steam license in Maine requires working your way up through experience, steam time, and examinations. Learning a trade I can use for the rest of my life is rewarding. The job is certainly challenging, but I enjoy it—it’s a great job.