Sebastian Zepeda

Foxcroft Academy, 2015
University of Maine, 2019
Current town: Dover-Foxcroft

Photo Credit: Aimee Grindon

“It is so fulfilling working for a Maine-based company.”

Sebastian took everything he learned from attending the Mitchell Institute Gala and MILE II to heart, and used it to land a spot in Bangor Savings Bank’s prestigious management trainee program right out of college. “The Mitchell Institute team taught me that relationships in your personal and professional lives are so important. These are the people you lean on during times of greatness and trials.” He is happy to be giving back to the place where he grew up, currently as a Bank Branch Manager.

How has the Mitchell Institute supported you?
I always took advice from the Mitchell Institute to heart; and as a matter of fact, it aided in finding the very place I would start my career, Bangor Savings Bank. It was through stepping out of my comfort zone, building relationships, and trying new things (all things echoed by the Mitchell Institute team) that put Bangor Savings Bank into focus. It is so fulfilling working for a Maine-based company that has its interest in the success of Maine’s people and businesses. Furthermore, I love the sense of giving back to a place where I grew up and have found so many great opportunities.

What do you like about your job?
As a Branch Manager at Bangor Savings Bank, being able to develop and work with my team is something that is so rewarding. Together, we are able to develop robust relationships with the Dover-Foxcroft community; and having a bank you trust, especially during times like this, is the support we need to give. This is even more meaningful as I have been a part of the community my entire life.