Susan Bailey

Hall-Dale High School, 2000
University of New England, 2004
Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 2010
Current town: Pittston

“Find what you are passionate about and build your life around it. Respect, value, and express gratitude to those who help you along the way. Always show up—it is really the thing that matters most.”

This attitude has helped Susan realize her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian. With a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Tufts, she opened her own practice in Dresden: Porchside Veterinary Care. As a small local practice, Susan gets to know her patients well and is able to provide personalized, quality care to the community, near where she lives with her daughter and two furry friends of her own.

Why do you live in Maine, what do you like about it, and what’s it like running a business here?
Many of my classmates in high school were impatient to get out of Maine after they graduated. I knew that I would have to leave to attend vet school, but I really looked forward to coming back. I love living in Maine because it is never more than a short drive to get to the ocean, lake, or woods. Even if you’ve lived here your whole life, you can still find new places to explore. Running a small business in Maine is challenging, as I am sure it is anywhere, but I feel it is especially rewarding here. Maine people appreciate hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit.

How are you having an impact on your community, through leadership roles or otherwise?
I believe the most significant impact I have had on my community has come from opening my practice in a small town that needed a veterinarian. My staff and I were immediately welcomed and I am proud of the veterinary care that we provide to this previously underserved area. We are privileged to have great clients that trust us. Fostering those relationships is how we stay connected to our community and have a positive impact every day.