Regan Bragg

Machias Memorial High School, 2017
Colby College, 2021
Hometown: Columbia Falls

“The Mitchell Institute helped me gain a stronger sense of self and envision myself as a leader… I was able to connect with potential employers, and see what was out there in the job market!”

Regan, like so many Mitchell Scholars, is going to college to find and pursue something about which she’s truly passionate, and she will take advantage of every opportunity given to excel. She wants to learn more about computer science and data, and eventually pursue a master’s degree to further her goals. MILE I in Millinocket each fall has been especially impactful for her to build connections with a community of other Scholars while also growing her leadership abilities.

What has surprised you most about college?
What has surprised me the most about college is how far you can get by working hard. Colleges tend to recognize students that have heart and put in the extra effort, and I feel that a lot of the opportunities I’ve had while at Colby have been because of this.

What moment stands out to you as the time you really understood what the Mitchell Institute could do for you?
I’d always heard that the Mitchell Institute was like a family, but I never truly understood it myself until I had a no-agenda coffee meeting with a Mitchell Institute staff member at Holy Cannoli in Waterville. We chatted about my interests and plans after college, which resulted in them offering to connect me with a data and analytics consulting firm located in Portland. At the time, I was also frustrated with not being able to afford the study abroad program I had been accepted into, and the staff eased my worries by encouraging me to apply for a Fellowship Award to help with the cost. It was this moment that I realized how much the Mitchell Institute cares for each individual student, and that their efforts made me feel heard.

How are the Mitchell Institute events and programs useful to you?
The MILE I experience helped me to gain a stronger sense of self and envision myself as a leader. It also helped me to recognize the importance of community and being present in every moment. These are lessons that have helped me to better navigate my college experience. Furthermore, I received Fellowship Awards on two separate occasions for my study abroad endeavors. These awards eased the financial burden that came with these opportunities, and also made me feel supported. In addition, the Mitchell Institute Gala was a very useful experience for me because I was able to connect with potential employers, and see what was out there in the job market! I had the opportunity to engage with some fantastic employers who were enthusiastic to hire students with a computer science skill set like mine. It was very validating to know that there were so many possible career paths and opportunities open to me.